Our Freshness Promise

Dispelling the Big Myth: Best-by IS NOT an expiration date

What is the Deal Depot Freshness Promise?

We promise freshness of ALL food items, even if past the best-by date. If it doesn’t taste fresh, simply return the unused portion within 15 days for a full refund (store credit without a receipt).

We throw away billions of dollars in food yearly

Our mission is to stop some of that waste and save you big money in the process. The food items we carry are called shelf-stable and have best-by or best-before dates (merely a guess at peak quality). That is not an “Expiration Date”, which would imply something about safety. Some of the products we offer at Deal Depot are near their best-by dates and some are past, but don’t let that stop you from purchasing your favorite bag of chips or soup mix.

At Deal Depot, we stand by the products we sell by offering our Freshness Promise: We promise freshness of ALL food items. If it doesn’t taste fresh, return unused portion within 15 days for a refund.

Why are we so confident that you will be happy with the shelf-stable foods we offer?

See more facts below to learn the real story and why we do not hide the fact that some of our food is close to or past its best-by date. We’re proud because we save you so much money and are pretty confident you’re going to love it!

What the best-by date really means:

Blind Results: 3 year old Soup and 2 year old Brownie mix

Who got sick? Which soup tasted the best? Which brownies were more moist? See the results in this ABC TV segment:

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